Network Change Notice: Wolsey


Public Notice of Copper Retirement Under Rules 51.333
Public Notice Number: 20-
Title: Wolsey, SD Exchange Copper Retirement
Issue Date: November 10, 2020
Implementation Date: February 8, 2021

Carrier’s Name:     
Santel Communications Cooperative Inc
Carrier’s Address:
PO Box 67
308 S Dumont Ave
Woonsocket, SD 57385-0067

Contact: Pamela Kopfmann
Telephone: 605-796-4411

Network Change Summary:
Santel Communications Cooperative Inc (Santel)has been overbuilding the copper network in the Wolsey, SD exchange with fiber. The Wolsey exchange includes all customers served by the NPA-NXX of 605-883. The next phase will be to start deploying fiber loops to premises and deactivating copper facilities.

Description of Type of Changes Planned:
Existing copper facilities used to serve customers in the Wolsey, SD exchange as identified by the NPA-NXX of 605-883 will be retired. Santel has been in the process of overbuilding the existing copper facilities with fiber facilities. The next phase is to start deploying fiber loops to individual premises and retiring copper facilities in stages. 

Description of Reasonably Foreseeable Impact of the Planned Changes:
After retirement of the copper facilities, Santel will (1) no longer offer services over copper facilities; and (2) cease maintaining copper facilities. All services previously provisioned over copper facilities to affected customers will continue over fiber facilities.

Description of Any Changes in Prices, Terms or Conditions that will Accompany Planned Changes:
Due to the conversion from copper to fiber, customers retaining POTS/voice service will see no change in their voice rates each month; residential broadband will increase $10 per month and business broadband will increase $15 per month. Broadband-only residential customers will see their monthly charges increase to $90 and businesses will increase to $95 per month.

Location of Change:
City-Wolsey and the rural portion of the Wolsey Exchange
State-South Dakota