Santel In The Community


Each year, Santel awards college scholarships to aspiring teenagers in the area through the Ray Judy Memorial Scholarship Fund. Mr. Judy was a founder of the cooperative and served as its first general manager from 1955 – 1985.

Community Donations

Santel Communications Cooperative is committed to the principles of corporate social responsibility and citizenship. Santel maintains a community donation and scholarship program with the express purpose of assisting our service area communities and customers that support our business. Every attempt is made to ensure charitable donation and scholarship dollars are spread fairly throughout the service area for those it may benefit the most.


  • Donations should be applied to specific capital expenditures.
  • Donations will not be provided for a “general fund.”
  • The project should be completed in the same year the donation is received.
  • The charitable donation’s budget is used to support, organizations and events within the Santel service area only.
  • $500 is currently budgeted each year for each exchange. 

Factors for Consideration

  • The organization, event or project’s primary focuses
  • Types of groups or the number of people this organization, event or project reach will impact
  • The future plans for the organization, event or project
  • Donations should not be used for recurring or operational expenses
  • Support provided must be used directly by the organization, event or project requesting it, and shall not be channeled through another agency.

Donation Requests

Use the form on this page to submit your Community Donation Request. They must include the following information:

  • Brief description of your group and how it meets our criteria
  • Name, phone and fax numbers, and/or email address of the group or individual making the request
  • Nature of the request

Submit Requests Below:

2024 Scholarship Winners