What is Santel Smart Stream?

Everything you love about Santel Television, now with the freedom to watch all your favorites whenever and wherever you choose. Santel Smart Stream means no more set top box, so you don’t need our equipment or our installation. Nearly all of your smart devices like newer TVs, cell phones, and tablets will be capable of receiving Santel Smart Stream using our app. Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, iPads, and Android devices are just a few examples.

You’ll still be able to watch live and local programming, so you won’t miss games or the weather. Your channels are virtually the same as our traditional television.

*Santel Fiber Internet is required to have Santel Smart Stream

Premium Movie Suites:

Starz/Encore      $9.00

Cinemax             $12.00

HBO                   $16.00

Showtime          $16.00

*Discounts for multiple suites

DVR without the hardware

When you record a show using Santel Smart Stream, your recording becomes available wherever you want to watch TV. You don’t need to be at the device that started the recording!



Watching Smart Stream on an iPad