Santel Communications doesn’t just support local businesses – we keep them connected.

Based in the community of Woonsocket, we’re the leading broadband internet service provider in the region, stretching from Wolsey to Tripp.

Our broadband internet is high-speed, reliable and affordable – three of the most important qualities when businesses need to connect. Because when businesses don’t have to worry about network performance, employees stay productive and you can focus on the future with confidence.

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In addition to speed, reliability and affordability, fiber internet connections offer additional benefits:

  • It’s symmetrical – Upload and download speeds are equal, which has become more important with video conferencing.
  • Lower latency – Faster speeds and clearer transmission results in less of a delay for data transfers. That’s better for VoIP users, working in the cloud and employee collaboration.

Prices below reflect a multi-service discount when including phone services.
Save an additional $10 when adding television.
*Service availability is reliant on location.


The advantages of fiber internet make it a cost-effective investment and can even increase the value of your property by up to 3%. Fiber internet is no longer the technology of the future – it’s the service many businesses need today. Here’s why.

No Data Bottlenecks

As your business relies on the internet more, you also need a future-proof data conduit that doesn’t slow data when employees are transmitting large documents, working in the cloud, participating in virtual meetings or events, and doing it all at the same time on multiple devices. Fiber transmits data at a faster, more consistent speed than other forms of internet service.

Symmetrical Speeds

Upload and download speeds are the same, or symmetric. You won’t have to worry about latency or the delay of information being sent or received over the network. That means video calls run smoother, large documents and graphic files upload and download more efficiently, and livestreams won’t lag, offering a more superior experience.

More Reliable

Fiber is only used for internet services, unlike copper-based technology. It also can withstand environmental factors that affect copper cable and satellite or wireless signals, as well as power outages and electromagnetic interference. It’s simply more reliable as a data conduit so there’s less risk of downtime.


Fiber lines don’t radiate signals and can’t be tapped like wireless signals or copper lines. And satellite internet signals can be more easily intercepted. Because the data moves through the fiber at higher speeds – almost the speed of light – it’s also more difficult for hackers to hijack.


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