Building a long-term, successful business is always about the people. The PEOPLE (customers) seeking a solution for their problem and the PEOPLE (staff) that know how to solve those problems. Santel has a 65+ year history putting PEOPLE in a position to win. An organization puts people in situations where they can WIN. Sometimes even remove people from situations that prevent them or others from winning. Finding that right mix.

Today, we are pleased to announce the addition of Randy Northrup to our winning team. The Letcher native comes back to Santel country as our new Sales and Marketing Manager. Randy has a breadth of experience from the fast moving and customer focused power sports accessories and apparel industry. He created and grew product lines that were sold to consumers and small company distributors, much like our customer base. They all had needs and he was in the ground floor figuring out the problem and how to deliver and scale the solutions.

Our patrons and customers have shared with us the increasing need to leverage connectivity and technology to help their businesses and households flourish. We know some technology is new, maybe a bit difficult at first, but when setup and properly used and supported – its’ an amazing and highly productive and entertaining tool. We are working to establish and expand such offerings.

Now at Santel, as Sales and Marketing Manager Randy will be leading and participating in the efforts to add VROOM to our service offerings. Our future course is plotted by our patron elected Board of Directors. In a sense …much like it was in 1952 when the cooperative was founded. It’s all about providing connections and support to our friends, family, and neighbors. Working together to get the same (or better) connections than our urban brethren and helping our rural communities have that option to flourish in the global economy.

Randy will be helping us all focus on the ever-changing plan and specifically customer needs. Keep an eye out for Randy as familiarizes himself with all of you — our valued customers.

-Ryan Thompson