Colin Mann, Parkston SD, Interning with Tech Solutions

Tell us a bit about yourself, what should people know about you, family, where grew up, school, hobbies, etc.

My name is Colin Mann. My parents are Craig and Joyce Mann. I grew up in Parkston South Dakota where I also went to school. After I graduated high school I attended college at Mitchell Technical Institute for Information Systems Technology. I have since graduated and am currently interning at Tech Solutions. My hobbies include reading, working on computers, and keeping reptiles.

Explain a bit of education path, program of which you currently enrolled, and how you would like to leverage that upon completion.

After I graduated from Mitchell Technical Institute I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to go with my career, other than the fact that I wanted to work in the information technology field. Even though I have only interned with Tech Solutions for a short while I am very pleased with my experience thus far.

How has working with Santel + Tech Solutions helped you put education to-date into practical use, experience gained, etc.?

Working with Tech Solutions has greatly improved my skills as an IT technician. While MTI gives you a decent amount of hands on training it’s nothing compared to going out in the field every day and experiencing things first hand. Everyone at Tech Solutions has also been great about training me and walking me through anything that I didn’t understand.

What has surprised or impressed you in applying what you’ve learned into real world use cases?

 One of the things that had impressed me the most was Tech Solutions’ use of their Cloud Workspace. We talked about thin clients and cloud computing quite a bit at Mitchell Tech, but we never really worked with them much. I find it very interesting to see a site that was once completely local become cloud based.

Do you have any plans or specific near-term goals after program completion?

One of my goals is to get more certifications. I already have my A+ Hardware certification through Mitchell Tech and I’m planning on getting my Server+ certification sometime next year. After that I plan on specializing in Microsoft products and getting more of their certifications.