Become a Director

A Cooperative is owned and controlled by the people that use it’s services.  The cooperative members select representatives called Directors.  Seven directors are selected by the membership to comprise a Board of Directors.  It is the Board of Directors that collectively represent the interests of the entire membership and guide the cooperative to the satisfaction of the membership.  The board hires the general manager and the general manager hires the employees that serves the members and customers.  The board provides the vision and accountability to the membership. 

 An elected director does not act alone, but rather they are part of a team.  They work with the other directors to form a legally recognized group, referred to as a Board of Directors.  The individual directors that share this role have several individual duties and responsibilities and are governed by business law within the State of South Dakota and the cooperative bylaws, as established and periodically changed by its membership.  director on this cooperatives’ board must agree and adhere to a Directors Code of Conduct.  A director must not have any conflict of interest that may impair fair, good and just judgement of prudent business guidance. 

 A Board of Directors should be comprised of a good, crosssection of its membership and interests.  Many different types of people, professions and decision making contribute to a well-rounded Board of Directors.  Director terms are 3 years each and seat terms are staggered, sannually there is always an open seat, for membership consideration at each annual meeting. 

 If you are a current patron of the cooperative and would like more information on how you could potentially contribute your time and talent, please contact our business office.  We would love to discuss further with you!!