Santel FiberMaxx Internet 

Our broadband fiber service now starts at $69/month. It’s the most reliable, high-speed internet available in the region!

Look at our service levels below to find the best connection to meet your needs.

Pricing and Features

  • FiberMaxx service is fiber-to-the-home
  • Reliable service that’s rated #1 by our customers
  • Local support available 24/7
  • No data caps or throttling
  • No contracts
  • Upgrade at any time
  • Fiber service can increase residential property values by up to 3.1%
    (Source: Fiber Broadband Association)

Need More?

Which Speed Do You Need?

Santel’s FiberMaxx speeds of 250 MBPS and higher are symmetrical. That means you’ll get the same upload and download speeds, which is important to support work from home, remote learning, gaming, video surveillance cameras, interactive applications, telehealth services and sessions, and more.

The speeds you need depend on how you plan to use your internet and the number of connected devices in your home.

Take a look at the chart below to better understand the best fit for your family.

How do you use the internet chart