We are bringing fiber internet to rural Clay and Yankton Counties 

Hear about the project from Santel’s GM, Ryan Thompson

Time is running out!

Register your interest in outfitting your property with fiber-fast internet access.  

Time is running out! Fill out the drop permit form below by July 31, 2024 to add your address to the construction route for FREE


Sign up for a fiber drop to get your property connected for FREE this fall while doing something good for your home and community:

  • Boost the value of your property by 3%*
  • Future-proof your home internet with technology that will last
  • Power our local economy by improving access to education, precision ag, entrepreneurship, and more

*According to a study by the Fiber Broadband Association

Fiber is coming to rural Yankton County in 2025

Already know you want fiber service?

Step 1: Register your interest in fiber internet

File a no-commitment drop permit by July 31 to take advantage of FREE fiber construction. Fill out the form above to sign up.

Step 2: Planning

In this phase, we’ll calculate how many homes we will connect during the construction phase, then purchase materials and map out a construction plan.

What to expect: If you haven’t filed a drop agreement prior to this stage, your home won’t be included in this free project.

Step 3: Scheduling “fiber drop”

Deffenbaugh Electric will set up an appointment to visit your home and determine the best location to mount the fiber enclosure and connect it to power.

Timeline: 30-60 minutes

What to expect: We will contact the homeowner to schedule a good time for this work to occur.

Step 4: Mainline fiber construction

You’ll see general contractors digging and placing fiber in Right of Ways in your area. We’ll take care to minimize disruptions to nearby streets and roads.

Timeline: 1-2 Months

What to expect: Our crews will place the fiber optic cables that will become the backbone of our internet network.

Step 5: “Fiber drop” to your home

General contractors will complete the connection between your home and the main fiber line (called a “drop) by burying fiber cables on your property alongside other utility lines.

What to expect: Some digging may be required, but rest assured our crews will restore any disturbed areas to their previous condition, including seeding when necessary.

Step 6: Enjoy!

After connecting the fiber to your home, it’s time to get you online. A Santel tech will install your Internet as well as optional TV and/or Phone services.

Timeline: 1-2 hours

What to expect: We’ll show you how to use your services, help you connect your devices, and make sure everything is working properly.

Congratulations—you’re the proud new owner of fiber internet!