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  • Custom solution designed to meet your business’s individual needs and budget
  • Industry leading cloud surveillance solution
  • Expert local technician you know, and trust handle the installation and service to keep your solution operating at peak performance
  • Scalable solutions offering freedom of choice
  • Our cloud solution has several advantages
    – No on site DVR storage required
    – Cloud is more secure with no open port available
    – Access to live and recorded activities available anywhere in the world with a simple internet connection.


See more of your business – Advanced technologies and analytic functions available through Santel allow you to gather data and keep a close eye on your business and activities in and around it.

Object Counting – Count how many objects cross a line in either direction.  Total count per day, per direction, and current delta of the count are maintained and displayed.   

Intrusion – Detects when an object enters a customer defined area.  Generates notification when an object enters a forbidden area.

Line Crossing – Detects when an object crosses a virtual line. Direction may be specified. Generates notifications when the boundary is crossed

Loitering – Used to generate an alert when a moving object remains in a pre-defined area for a specific amount of time.  

Prevent break-ins, deter thefts. monitor operations – Implementing cameras around your business and property can deter break-ins. For those intruders who look past the cameras, the surveillance footage can capture them in the act.

Remote playback and monitoring With an IP-based surveillance system, residential and business owners can monitor their property remotely.  Footage can be stored digitally and easily searched in cases requiring visual evidence.


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Santel Communications, your local Internet and Business Services partner has launched a secure and powerful web-based cloud video surveillance solution. Information vital to your business will always be available from anywhere in the world.

All of our cameras include worry free 3 to 5-year warranty.

Santel is proud to offer the experience and expertise to design, install and service a video surveillance solution that will fit your unique business needs.  Whether you’re looking for a basic video surveillance system or looking for your system to do more for your business, Santel can deliver the solution you need.   

Our versatile lineup of cameras bring you the full picture. We can adjust for large spaces, small rooms, low light, or high contrast. 180° or full 360° views catch every angle, even in extreme South Dakota weather conditions. We even have pinhole cameras perfect for covert surveillance.

• Smart IR features let you see clearly in minimal light

• Smart Motion Detection distinguishes human movement from trees, bugs, or snow

• Wide Dynamic Range Technology exposes the image properly so you can see faces or plates

• Other features include object counting, alerts for customer intrusion in forbidden areas, loitering notifications, and remote playback to monitor property from anywhere