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Santel’s Business Phone Solutions — also referred to as Hosted PBX, Virtual PBX, and Cloud PBX — deliver communications over your internet connection using VoIP technology.

It’s the modern alternative to that costly, clunky PBX box in the telecom closet at your business.

Upgrade to Santel’s Business Phone Solutions and be better equipped for today and tomorrow – all at an affordable price.



Save money & time: Lose the big box and the big fees – instead of buying a complex phone system for your office, Santel manages the equipment and provides software upgrades behind the scenes.


Simplify: Get everything you need from one company – phones, calling features, as well as local, long-distance and international calls.


Unified communication: At home, in the office or on the road, no matter where your employees are working, they all share the same communication features.


Scalability: Grow at your own pace. Order the extensions you need now and add as your business grows.

Santel SNAPmobile:

Our application extends VoIP functionality beyond the desktop phone to mobile devices.


Make and take calls from any location


Swap devices mid-call seamlessly


Manage contacts, voicemail, call history, and settings in one platform

Standard phone features:


Caller Id


3-Way Calling


All Call Forwards


Call Park




Voicemail to Email

Additional Features Available:


Santel SNAPmobile App


Auto Attendant


Music On Hold


Conferencing Service


Message On Hold

Your phone system matters.

Use the form below to connect with us and learn more about how Santel Business Phone Solutions can help you provide a professional experience when your customers call.

 Phone Features

Account Code Billing
Account Code Billing allows the assigning of account codes on a per person or per department basis. It works for schools or businesses who want a code for each employee or department.
Call Forwarding
Call Forwarding allows you to send your calls from your home phone to another number. When Call Forwarding is activated, your phone will signal with a short ring each time it forwards a call. You can make outgoing calls, but you can’t receive incoming calls, unless you deactivate Call Forwarding.
Call Forward – Don’t Answer
This feature allows you to program your phone to forward to a predetermined number if you don’t answer. This will allow your phone to ring at home first and then forward to another number after a set number of rings (2 to 9).
Call Forward Busy
This feature allows you to forward a call to another number if your phone is busy. You can forward to another telephone number.
Call Forward Remote Access
This feature allows you to program your home phone from a remote location to Call Forward to a number that you assign.
Caller ID
Caller ID identifies the number of the calling party. After your phone rings once, the caller’s number appears on the display. You can then decide if you want to answer or not. The date and time of the incoming call is also displayed. NOTE: You must own a display phone or an attachment that displays the number.
Call Waiting
While you’re on the phone, Call Waiting notifies you when another caller is trying to reach you. By simply pressing on the switchhook, you can place one caller on hold and speak to the second caller.
3-Way Calling

3-Way Calling allows you to add another party to your call so you can have a three-way conversation.

Customer Originated Trace
Lets you trace the origin of a harassing or obscene call. This option is available on your phone at no charge. When you receive an obscene or harassing call, hang up the handset. Then pick up the handset and listen for dial tone. Dial *57 from a touch-tone phone or 1157 on a rotary dial phone. You will receive a confirmation message saying if the call was able to be traced. If the number was traced it is printed at the telephone company. You will then need to contact the sheriff to have this information released to the proper authorities.
Distinctive Ringing
Distinctive Ringing allows you to program ten directory numbers that will be identified by a distinctive ring when they call you. If you also have call waiting and you’re engaged in a phone conversation when a call from someone on your distinctive ring list arrives, you will hear a distinctive call waiting tone.
Do Not Disturb
This feature lets you block your phone from ringing unless the caller knows a special PIN number, which will allow the caller to override the Do Not Disturb option in case of an emergency.
Selective Call Rejection
Selective Call Rejection allows you to selectively program a list of up to ten directory numbers that you want rejected or blocked when they call you. The rejected or blocked caller receives a message informing him/her that you’re not taking calls. Your phone won’t ring.
Allow Selective Calling
With Allow Selective Calling, you can control each outgoing long-distance call with a PIN number. All you do is enter your four-digit PIN, after you dial a 1+ call or 0+ call. If you don’t know the PIN, you can’t make a long-distance call.


Speed Dial (8)
Speed Dial also comes in a long list (30 numbers). If you have the short list, you can easily upgrade by calling our office.
Single Number Service
Single Number Service allows you to give out one number and have it ring multiple other phones, including cell phones.
Voicemail is an automated answering machine. You can program your Voicemail to pick up after so many rings or to answer when you are on the phone. You will be able to retrieve your voicemail messages at home or at the office by dialing a selected number.
Voicemail To Email
Voicemail to Email sends your recorded messages as an audio file to an email address so you can play the file using a media player on your smartphone or computer.


Managed IT

Your one-stop-shop for technical support! Let us manage your IT needs so you can focus on what you do best.

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Leverage effective, enterprise-level advertising at an affordable cost for your business.

Special Circuits & Access

Have special connectivity needs? Reliably transport your information between locations with Santel.