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Santel Communications understands you want your business running efficiently. Today, that means your Internet connection and phone services need to be reliable. That’s where Santel Communications comes in.

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JetNet Logo Internet

Santel Communications has updated our towers and receivers to bring you the internet connection you’ve been waiting for in our Mitchell service territory, with JetNet Internet. Fast, reliable Internet service connected to home or business.

Our customers have moved from “…would like to have Internet”, to “I NEED a great Internet connection!” Santel can help.

At Santel, we’ve heard from you and understand that you need an Internet connection that allows you to connect easily with your friends and family, plus stream movies and surf the web from multiple devices.   

Thank you for your encouragement and patience as we enhanced and upgraded customers to LTE and increased reliability and speed.  This “connected lifestyle” improvement, named – “JetNet” has greatly improved the connection to your home, delivering broader, faster and more reliable coverage. With 99.9% reliability! 

We can now help you in your home as well.  With Santel’s new Whole Home Wi-Fi service, our local technicians will professionally install a top of the line router and keep your firmware up to date.   

 It’s everything you’ve asked for!        

JetNet1 Service

JetNet1 covers all your common home Internet uses. Superior download and upload performance, supports multiple devices, browsing, email, cloud, social media platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest. Also supports DVD quality video streaming as seen on popular platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube.

JetNet1 includes responsive & low latency connection support perfect for multi-player gaming consoles. It also matches your increasing household Internet needs. Pair outstanding Internet service with the areas’ Best and Friendliest Technical Support and you will see why our customers love our staff.

JetNet Turbo

How do I get the FASTEST, most comprehensive Internet solution at my home?

We have several service areas where our network can provide some of the FASTEST Internet experiences available. Our JetNet Turbo can take your connection to incredible heights, and includes our scalable and robust Whole Home WiFi Service…all INCLUDED – for one simple rate of $95/month.Contact our representative to see if your home service location qualifies.

*JetNet Turbo available where network supports

JetNet Pricing

The service requires a minimal credit review, a one-time basic home installation fee and a monthly fee for the JetNet1 Internet service.

Both JetNet1 and JetNet Turbo require a one-time installation fee of $100. Mention this website information and qualifying new accounts receive a $10 installation discount! Deposit and/or prepayment options available.

 Eagle Eye Surveillance

Powerful tools to maximize productivity, protect your assets and operate more efficiently are available with Santel Eagle Eye.

It’s a single, comprehensive solution that uses the latest camera technology and Eagle Eye Cloud Based Surveillance to bring you all the benefits of our modern, digital world.  Monitor video from any mobile device or computer from anywhere in the world.


Managed IT

Your one-stop-shop for technical support! Let us manage your IT needs so you can focus on what you do best.

Local TV Advertising

Leverage effective, enterprise-level advertising at an affordable cost for your business.

Special Circuits & Access

Have special connectivity needs? Reliably transport your information between locations with Santel.