Connecting residents of rural Yankton & Vermillion 

 Congratulations, rural Yankton and Vermillion residents.  Help will soon be on the way to a sustainable, robust, reliable, high-speed Internet experience.  Our southeast South Dakota owned and operated company has recently been selected by the State of South Dakota’s Connect SD Broadband program, to close the digital gap you are all too familiar with today.  This investment will eliminate under- and unserved connectivity issues of rural homes, farms, business locations, and not penalizing one for where they chose to reside or make a living. 

We are excited to get to know YOU, serve your connectivity and productive technology needs.  Our cooperative recently completed similar projects that now allow us to serve 100% of our Internet customers with underground fiber optic cable; the fastest and most reliable network available.  We enjoy providing Internet, TV, and phone services.  And now, we are turning our attention towards serving you. 

The great state of South Dakota understands the value of long-term connections and the power of its constituents.  This Connect SD broadband program is a once in a generation opportunity to significantly improve the critical infrastructure that makes up our world-wide information superhighway. And now you are invited to participate.  As part of the program, over the next year our experienced, local, and trusted staff will complete network design, contact home and property owners, setting forth a plan on how we can together, leverage this historic opportunity.  After that, we will construct the network and work with each customer to transition your location to the new network, backed by some of the best ‘human’ support in the region. 

A new year starts in a few days and so will this project.  Planning will commence, contacts will be made, good work will proceed over the next year or two.  Our website will evolve to have fresh and relevant project updates and we’ll be assembling property owner contact information.  More information will follow in the coming months.  Or, if you’d like to let us know about yourself first – feel free to reach out, drop us a note via our website , and reference this project.  We’ll be looking forward to getting to know you.    – Ryan Thompson, General Manager/CEO, Santel